Better Church Governance



Better Church Governance is a newly formed independent information gathering entity to:

(1) investigate cases of abuse and corruption in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, (2) hold the guilty accountable and vindicate those who have been falsely accused, (3) support honesty, clarity, and fidelity in Church governance, and (4) restore trust between the laity and the clergy.

Our flagship project is The Red Hat Report: An Audit of the Cardinals.




our missioN.

We exist to help the public understand the spiritual character, historical record, and current priorities of the cardinals who Shepherd them

We are fundamentally a project of the lay faithful, conducted by professional investigators and academic researchers in order to promote transparency, accountability, and fidelity, and to empower members of the Church to courageously stand up for the truth. This is not a political project – and will not endorse or attack any cardinal.




we aim to follow the example of two incredible saints: SIR thomas more & Catherine of siena.


Saint Thomas More, the patron saint of statesmen, chastised the bishops of his day — or as he called them, “the sleeping Apostles”—for their role in creating a schismatic Church under King Henry VIII. And Saint Catherine of Siena, one of the patron saints of Europe, vigorously petitioned Pope Gregory XI to reform the clergy and bring an end to the papacy in Avignon. Like both of these saints, we strive for unity of the Church, not division; constructive reform, not destructive intervention. Please join us in prayer and in imploring the intercession of these two patrons for our ongoing work.



year 1 Objectives

(1) Recruit research groups and expand into all countries in which cardinals live.

(2) Hire editors, primarily language experts – beginning with Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

(3) Contract with investigators beyond our current former FBI investigator and investigative journalists.

(4)  Find social media experts to facilitate a multi-platform rollout of the project to all relevant audiences.

(5)  Build a network of lay members to promote the project online, in print, and across all media types.

how you can help


1. Pray

We must acknowledge that, first and foremost, all reform comes through Christ Jesus. Next, through prayer and fasting.


2. volunteer

We need professors, grad students, business people, and lawyers to help with research. We put people in teams and balance them according to experience and talent. Please read through the information packet to learn more.


3. give

BCG is a 501(c)3 non-profit. You can find more information on how to make your tax-deductible gift under “Online Donation”.