In order to lend the project maximum credibility, precision, and thoroughness we employ a triangulated approach that employs the rigor of three different fields: Academia, Investigation, and Law, to produce formal Briefs on each cardinal.


The Investigators

Former FBI agents lead investigations of individual cardinals for (1) the most influential and (2) the most ambiguous cardinals, building upon the knowledge uncovered by the researchers.


Our Lawyers

Our team of lawyers not only help us to stay out of trouble (i.e. protect against international libel laws) but can reach further back in government resources than the average researcher. If cases of abuse do arise, then they prepare files on the cardinals to submit to the local court systems.


The Research Editors

These are our team of senior academics who will review all the submitted research to confirm the quality of methodology and research.


The Junior Editors

These are part-time hires when language assistance is required. They operate as consultants who assume the short-term posts to assist in investigation and/or research in smaller countries that house only one or two cardinals.